Ceph delivers industry leading performance, reliability and flexibility.

Ceph can be relied upon for reliable data backups, flexible storage options and rapid scalability. With Ceph, your organisation can boost its data-driven decision making, minimise storage costs, and build durable, resilient clusters.

Ceph makes working with data at scale a viable option for any organisation, at any size, in any industry.


Ceph is designed to maintain high performance, low latency and no downtime. Spec your cluster to suit your needs - Ceph will run on any commodity hardware, allowing you full control over the capabilities and capacity of your cluster.

  • Ceph's CRUSH algorithm enables the location of data in a cluster to be easily calculated by any client making a read/write request, eliminating the need for a central metadata server and avoiding the performance bottlenecks that approach would create.

  • By using its highly configurable CRUSH map, Ceph can distribute data evenly throughout a cluster, eliminating performance issues that would otherwise come about when a small number of storage devices wind up serving an unbalanced proportion of read/write requests.

  • Perform planned cluster maintenance without service disruptions, whether you need to swap out a storage drive, perform hardware repairs, or conduct a large-scale data migration.


By 2025 there is predicted to be 175 Zb of stored data; Ceph is designed to grow exponentially with data, seamlessly scaling for future demands on data storage.

  • React quickly to changing needs within your organisation

    Add or remove storage to your cluster as you need, and Ceph will automatically and intelligently adjust the distribution of your data, allowing for efficient scaling on-demand, without the limitations of traditional storage systems.

  • No limiting licenses

    Ceph is open source, so you never need to worry about a licensing issue slowing down your ability to scale on demand.

    No vendor lock-in

    Because Ceph will run on a mix of hardware from a variety of manufacturers, there's no wait time for contract re-negotiations or supply issues - expand your cluster how you want, when you want.

  • Erasure coding for ultimate density

    Further remove your limitations to scale by creating erasure coded replication pools within Ceph. Where traditional replication requires full copies of each piece of data, erasure coding can restore data from fragments, reducing your cluster's storage capacity requirements as you scale.

Reliability & Management

Data must be protected and available at all times, so Ceph automatically manages and regulates storage clusters to keep your data safe. From reduplication and CRUSH maps, to specialised daemons, there are failsafes in place to protect your valuable data.

  • If your operations require high data availability, Ceph delivers, enabling data to be replicated across devices, racks, and even geographical locations. Build a cluster that can continue to support your critical business activities even during unplanned outages, with Ceph.

  • Ceph's 'self healing' capabilities allow it to quickly react to hardware, power or connectivity failures. Ceph will actively re-distribute data around your cluster as soon as an issue arises, protecting against data loss before you even notice there's a problem.

  • Fully configurable, regularly scheduled scrubs keep your data safe from deterioration and bit rot. By comparing copies of replicated data, Ceph ensures your data remains intact.


As an open source platform, Ceph fosters global innovation through collaboration of the best in the industry, staying ahead of data demands, and continually seeking novel advancements.

  • No other storage system uses anything quite like Ceph's CRUSH algorithm. By allowing administrators to determine a set of clear rules for how data is distributed throughout their clusters, Ceph reduces bottlenecks and offers reliability at an industry leading standard.

  • Ceph is a living, breathing project, constantly examined, maintained and updated by a diverse range of the most talented people in the open source community. Quick to react to change, and always-evolving, Ceph maintains its position as a cutting edge approach to software-defined storage.

  • Get all the benefits of object, file and block storage, unified via RADOS, Ceph's unique answer to managing varied storage types at scale.

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    From start-ups to global enterprises, academic institutions to SMEs, Ceph is the future of data storage, management and decision making across all organizations.

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    Ceph provides a flexible foundation for all data storage, uniting object, block and file types in a single unified RADOS cluster.

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