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The Ceph foundation is made up of organizations, stakeholders, and industry leaders who collaborate and coordinate the investment, development and community activities of Ceph.


About the foundation

Under the Linux Foundation, the Ceph Foundation is a collection of members invested in the development and progression of Ceph. The Ceph Foundation members collaborate and pool resources to support the Ceph community and propel innovation. Through combining industry leaders and associated parties, the Ceph Foundation represents responsible and beneficial support, independent of the technical direction of Ceph.

The Ceph Foundation

The Ceph team

Find out more about the key technical players behind Ceph. Comprised of talented developers, keen coders and maintenance engineers, the Ceph Leadership Team are the managers of the Ceph community and drive advancements through Open Source philosophy.

The Ceph Leadership Team


  • Foundation members

    The Ceph Foundation has a range of members from academic institutions and global organizations, to other data management and storage solutions. Membership to the Foundation is tiered; Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Associate members.

    The Ceph Foundation Members
  • Member benefits

    Members of The Ceph Foundation receive an abundance of benefits, from decision making ability and voting privileges, to being the first to know about project developments. There’s never been a better time to be at the forefront of data storage, investing in futureproof solutions.

    Member benefits
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    The Ceph Foundation welcomes organizations engaged in the work of the Ceph community who wish to get involved and support.

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