Minnesota Supercomputing Institute achieves efficient research storage

The challenge: meeting the unpredictable storage needs of university researchers

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) is a resource of the University of Minnesota, whose mission is to provide research computing to faculty, students and greater Minnesota. A worldclass facility, MSI provides computing infrastructure and expertise to foster innovation through advanced computing technologies, scientific computing services, and more. The University of Minnesota’s researchers rely on MSI’s infrastructure to conduct a wide variety of fascinating research including contributing to the worldwide global genomics project, creating sustainable energy initiatives, and monitoring global agriculture and environmental changes.

Universities typically face challenges with planning and budgeting for storage needs, as it can be difficult to predict how much their researchers will require over time. Along with this, MSI’s legacy infrastructure was hampering the Institute’s goals to service its internal customers with scalable, easy-to-deploy, high-performance data solutions. So, MSI started the search for a more cost-effective, scalable storage solution.

Ceph enables rapid scale, for clusters that need to grow alongside your research

Download “Minnesota Supercomputing Institute Unlocks Cost Savings and Scalability with SoftIron’s HyperDrive® ” to learn more about how the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute implemented Ceph.

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