THG unlocks infinite scalability, resilience and efficiency with Ceph

THG Ingenuity’s mission: to build a state of the art platform that not only supports, but accelerates their ecommerce business

THG Plc is a global end-to-end, ecommerce tech platform specialising in taking brands direct to consumers worldwide. Powered by its unique end-to-end ecommerce infrastructure, THG Ingenuity, THG operates over 200 international direct-to-consumer websites through its proprietary ecommerce platform. Developed initially for THG to power its own brands, such as Myprotein and Lookfantastic, THG Ingenuity has now positioned itself as the partner of choice for brands looking to grow globally, at pace, eradicating complexity and a need for multi-partner relations. It provides brands with a complete solution to digital transformation through a simple ecommerce platform, which is the enabler of THG’s global Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) growth, achieved through 16 years of continuous innovation and investment in ecommerce technology.

No time for downtime

As the organization is experiencing exponential growth, THG requires 24x7x365 resilient infrastructure to power its world-leading retail platform. To support this mission-critical infrastructure on a global basis, vast amounts of data are generated and consumed, both for THG and the leading brands who leverage their ecommerce, warehouse and infrastructure software. On-demand, infinite scalability is therefore a critical component of any data storage solution in order to keep pace with their ambitious growth targets. Given the number of brands who rely on THG Ingenuity to underpin their own businesses, in an industry where consumer expectations are high and even a split second crash can equate to millions of dollars in lost revenue - downtime is not an option.

For incredible resilience, availability, and efficiency, THG chose Ceph

Download How Ceph and SoftIron’s HyperDrive Power THG’s eCommerce IaaS & Hosting Products for all the details.

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